This foundation is established in recognition of the vital importance of the international work in the fight against torture and also with respect for the exceptionally significant work, that has been carried out for decades by Inge Genefke, MD, DMSc. h.c. and professor Bent Sørensen, MD, DMSc.

The Purpose: to Work Against Torture

We give a $10.000 Inge Genefke award

Economical travelling support

We primarly support travels from developing countries to developed. The motive of the journey can be congresses, studies etc. Only Economy Class tickets are covered.

The foundation is a non-profit foundation and its purpose is to support work against torture, particularly in the following ways: Every two years an Inge Genefke award of 10.000 US dollars is to be awarded to a person, who has carried out particularly commendable work against torture. Support of travel that is associated with work against torture.


ATSF is a non-profit organization supporting the work against torture

A number of travel grants will be available to enable medical doctors and other health professionals from all parts of the world to participate in international activities aiming at combating the practice of torture and providing appropriate care and assistance to victims of torture.

The grants will be awarded by the board of the foundation and will be based on written applications received by the manager.

The applications should contain:

1. Purpose/meeting/symposion/training

2. Budget

3. CV

Normally the board only grants the cost of an Apex-ticket. Applications should be sent to the manager Bent Sørensen


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Manager of the foundation

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Beneficiant : The Inge Genefke and Bent Sorensen Anti-Torture Support Foundation