The Inge Genefke Award


The Inge Genefke Award is given every even year. It is a donation of 10.000 euro given to a person for her/his outstanding work in the global fight against torture. The award can not be applied for, but is given by the decision of the board.

This year is was June Lopez, the Philipines who received the award in a ceremony in "Domus Medica"- the home of the Danish Medical Association celebrating the 25 anniversery of the IRCT.

The manager of the foundation, professor Bent Sørensen gave the following reasons in this speech:

Former recipients:

2004: Professor Veli Løek, Izmir, Turkey

2006: Lawyer Monica Ferrier, UK (formely Chile)

2008: Frances Lovemore, M.D. , Zimbabwe

2010: June Lopez, Professor, M.D., The Philipines